Author Topic: Member event nights and sign ups.  (Read 7972 times)


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Member event nights and sign ups.
« on: July 23, 2018, 04:01:56 PM »
eQ hosts many different gaming events during the year  our procedure for members participating in the event is to reply to the event thread in forums if you are interested, In order to the required amount anything after the amount will classed as a substitute and will be called about if somebody is missing.  (so basically a 1st in best dressed system)

if we cant get the amount needed members will be randomly invited to make numbers up and as a last resort we may call public players for help

we ask all members that have signed up to a event to be in discord 20 min prior If we haven't heard from you after 20 min you we will replace you with another player.  (in order sub, member, public)

All events will be posted on our web page and only links will be provided to Facebook, steam and discord etc.

Any questions please contact Rads or Stirlo.


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