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Title: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Post by: Rads on March 08, 2018, 11:52:15 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long has eQ been around  for? - eQ was formed on the 3rd of march 2015

Is there a age restriction when joining eQ? - yes we have a policy in eQ you must be 18 or over we may make exceptions for family members.

What voice chat programs does eQ use?  - We use Discord our details can be found on our website

As a non-member, can I use Discord - Yes we welcome non members to join our Discord as long as you are willing to game with our members.

Who is the leader of eQ -  eQ has three leaders Rads, Stirlo and Funny Fuzz as 2IC. 

Is eQ a Clan or a Community? - eQ is an 18+ Australian and New Zealand based gaming community

Who do I see about a Discord question? - Our Discord Admin is "Eye of Terror"

Who do I see about a forum question? - Our Forum/Website Admin is "Stirlo", if it is a non-technical and forum related question forum admins Rads, Funny Fuzz, or Eye of Terror  can help

Who do I see about a gaming question? - You can see the "Division CO" that relates to the game.
CS-GO - Questanble, Azza
PUBG - Polar
Other Games - Rads, Funny Fuzz, Stirlo

I'd like to recruit someone, who do I see about recruitment details? - Our Recruitment Officer is Rad,stirlo & Funny Fuzz

There is a problem with an eQ gaming server, who do I talk to? - Our Servers Admin is "Stirlo"

I'd like to donate to eQ, and would like to know more about how it help. Who do I talk to? - Rads runs our treasury, please feel free to ask
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